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magic shows

If all of our other attractions aren't enough to wow you, we’re adding some extra magic from magicians Chris Cross and Andrew Green. Who knows, you may be asked onstage to be part of the act!

Chris cross

We're very happy to host the amazing Chris Cross, escapologist and close up magician who has famously escaped the grip of Mike Tyson, had many appearances on the BBC and performed daring acts such as escaping a straightjacket whilst suspended from Newport Bridge in Wales. Wow!

Nothing is old hat here - he's fresh, funny & fast! Multi award winning sleight of hand and mesmerising tricks for all ages. Chris adapts his chat, jokes & tricks for the ages of his audiences too, getting on the right level with each and every person, giving them an unforgettable experience of magic, close up and personal!

Cross has performed his tricks worldwide - from new york to new zealand, bahrain to dubai, london to paris & most places in-between!

Some previous bookings have seen chris cross entertain many celebrities and he's even performed for british & international royalty.

Just a few of the events where cross has entertained : Boy George's 50th birthday party, Mike Tyson's sportsman's dinner, Alan Shearer's private party, Alice Cooper's press conference, state visit from the Prince of Wales, consulting the hairy biker's stage show tour, backstage magic for bands including the Arctic Monkeys & the list goes on...

Chris will be selling and signing copies of his latest book - The Geordie Book of Magic.

Andrew green

We're also excited to announce that Andrew Green will be joining us and premiering his incredible new Magic of the Movies show - never seen by the public before. It's a show where iconic scenes from movies such as Ghostbusters, Star Wars and Back to the Future come to life live on stage using magic, illusion & special effects.

The action takes place in a movie prop warehouse where a comic book and movie obsessed nerd works as the night cleaner. Having arrived late, skipping his usual four cups of coffee ritual, he becomes tired and soon falls asleep on the job. And this is where the magic starts. 

Awakening from the dream he is both relieved and sad to find himself back in reality. As he sets about his work, he reaches into his pocket to find a lightsaber making him wonder if it may have been real after all….

Was it all a dream, or is there really magic in the movies?

Reviews of Andrew's previous shows:

 “That is just amazing!” - Jack Straw, Former Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and Secretary of State for Justice

"Superb!! Thank you so much Andrew, that was real magic! We need you on the team!” -Sir Alex Ferguson , Legendary Former Man Utd FC Manager

"Wow, that was incredible... how on earth...?!!" Nick Park, Oscar Winning Creator of Wallace & Gromit