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This year at For the Love of Sci-Fi we're bringing you the largest collection of screen used Lord of the Rings props in the UK, housed in an amazing set build replica of Weathertop, as seen in the Middle Earth movies by Peter Jackson.

Weathertop is an iconic location in the story and forms the stage for some key scenes including the attack by the Nazgul on Frodo and his companions during the Fellowship of the Ring, and Azog the Defiler receiving news that the Dwarves have escaped in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 

The build will focus on a section with a 10 foot high statue and 3 damaged pillars, and will contain screen used props including weapons, filming miniatures and prosthetics from hobbit feet to ears and a full Uruk-Hai head! All recently acquired by the Andy Mansion collection and never before shown to the public. 

All of these props are exclusive to For the Love of Sci-Fi and won't be displayed anywhere else.