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daleks from doctor who & the daleks (1965)

Derided by many fans, the 1965 Doctor Who movie was Hammer Horror and Star Wars legend Peter Cushings’ first of two outings as the Doctor. It’s never been regarded as part of the continuity of Doctor Who and as such Cushings’ Doctor has almost been forgotten in time.

It was the first Doctor Who seen in colour too, never before had that iconic blue police box actually been seen in colour on screen, nor the Daleks, whose brash red and blue colour schemes seem a little kitsch compared to later renditions. Speaking of the Daleks, they were redesigned to be taller and more imposing, with larger head lamps, large gripping claws instead of plungers and almost ended up with flamethrowers until health and safety suggested otherwise. 

There will be two replica versions on display at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2017, a motorised red and gold second in command Dalek and a blue and silver drone Dalek.

Expect to see these Daleks whizzing around and attempting to exterminate anyone who crosses their path.