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The cosplay groups that come to our events really make them that extra special. We appreciate and realise the amount of time and effort our garrisons and customers put into their costumes and raising money for charities around the UK. 

We have two inflatable domes to allow people to get changed, a separate changing area for males and one for females. A cloakroom is also provided for valuables, to allow cosplayers to be able to walk freely around the venue in costume.

cosplay competition

how do i enter?

The cosplay competition has now closed. Thanks to everyone who has entered, you will be emailed shortly to confirm if you have been shortlisted. 

who can enter ?

Anyone can enter whether they are a casual cosplayer or part of a professional cosplay group. We do ask if you are under 18 to get your parents permission as we cannot be held responsible for young peoples safety, attending the event.

do i need to pay to enter?

Please note that there is no competition entry fee but you must have an entry ticket for Sunday 3rd December. You must be able to attend and be willing to showcase your costume to a celebrity judging panel onstage in front of a live audience.

the shortlist

We will select our favorites to be shortlisted for the grand finale during our closing ceremony, where celebrity guest judges will come to a unanimous decision and award the For the Love of the Force 2017 Cosplay Champion. Prizes to be announced soon.

entry deadline

The competition has now closed. If you are shortlisted we will inform you via email by 17th November 2017 and expect you to attend the closing ceremony on Sunday 3rd December in your submitted costume.

weapons policy

Compliance to this policy is mandatory for everybody and no exceptions will be made. Anybody breaking these rules can have their tickets withdrawn with no refund offered.

Prohibited items are;

  • Metal blades e.g. swords, razors, axes, and knives. Also corkscrews 
  • Real firearms, guns, rifles, or artillery.
  • Gas canisters
  • Heavy bats, paddles or clubs including wooden or metal baseball bats.
  • Bokken- a type of hard wooden (or toughened plastic) training sword.
  • Explosives and incendiary devices.
  • Working strung bows, crossbows, sharp arrows or bolts.
  • Protruding nails or other sharp items
  • Any other items restricted or prohibited from being carried in public by UK law