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captain   kirk's   command   chair

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is a Constitution Class Starfleet vessel first seen on screen in 1966, captained then by James J. Kirk (William Shatner) from his command chair in the centre of the bridge. 

This iconic chair wasn't just another piece of furniture but a functional station from which the Captain could order his crew, observe the ships viewscreen and communicate with other vessels. 

Clearly influenced by the post-modern, pop culture design movement of the 1960's, this command chair is synonymous with Star Trek and the character who sat in it, which went on to set a precedent in future Star Trek TV series and movies - the Captain's chair became just as important a role in the franchise as the characters themselves.

This year we have two examples of the chair for you to sit in and experience. A replica of the one seen in Star Trek The Original Series and a replica of the one seen in the original Star Trek movies, both used by Captain James T. Kirk - William Shatner who makes his debut appearance at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2017.

Please note these are fan built props, they are not endorsed by or associated with CBS in any way.