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batwing   from   batman  1989

The Batwing was Batman's custom-built air combat vehicle and has had several different designs throughout the many years of the Batman franchise. The version we are creating is based on the iconic design seen in the 1989 Batman movie by Tim Burton, with Michael Keaton in the starring role.

The Batwing is one impressive vehicle with an arsenal of mini-guns, missiles and armour - but all of that is no match for The Joker (Jack Nicholson) who effortlessly shoots it down with his huge gun in a stand off during the films final act. 

Some of us can say we've seen the Batmobile before but not a full size Batwing, so you won't want to miss this, plus with the charming Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Dent / Two Face) attending, Batman fans are going to love it!

Please note this is a fan built prop, it is not endorsed by or associated with Warner Brothers in any way.