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Barricade from transformers

As part of our outdoor display this year we're bringing you Barricade from the Transformers movies. 

You'll have the opportunity to take your photo with Barricade in his car and robot mode - which stands at over 8 feet tall! You'll be able to sit inside the car, hear Barricades voice, sound effects and see flashing sirens too.

Barricade is one of the main Decepticons and acts as a hunter, transforming into a Saleen S281E police car to give him a very effective and authoritative disguise on Earth. 

His personality is similar to what we humans would regard as a bad cop, fiercely interrogating Sam Witwicky in the first movie to find the location of his grandfathers spectacles. 

Barricades weapons include spinning spikes in his hands for close combat, a long chain with blade wheel on the end and a 50mm chain gun.

When in vehicle mode, Barricade can also simulate the appearance of a human driver using a sophisticated hologram projector.