for the love of sci-fi  2019

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autograph   pre-order  &  send   in   service

We offer an autograph pre-order and send in service for those of you that cannot make it to the event but want signed mementos from the guests. We have a dedicated team on the day to help and organise your orders.You can send in your items that you want to be signed, or we can source a picture of the actor for you with your own personalised message, so you need not send anything in.

Terms and Conditions

Whilst the utmost care will be taken with all items being sent in all items are sent at the owners risk, Monopoly Events nor any of its team cannot be held responsible so we advise you insure your items. Please note that if sending from overseas and the product value is over £15 it will carry an import tax charge. All Items will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the show giving the team time to package the items securely. Any monies already paid will be refunded after the show if any guests cancel.


Prices for autograph send in service

For a guests autograph we will charge the same rate we are advertising on our website for customers who attend on the day but we would charge between £5-£20 fee depending on the item and who the guest is. If you would like personalisation that will be at no extra charge but quotes will be charged at £10 per. We will try our very best to get quotes done but sometimes it is not possible.



Postage costs will vary depending on size and location. All items will be sent with tracking. UK customers for flats will be between £3-£6. We will send you a quote for larger items or overseas customers once we weigh them and we know the send back address.


How to order

Please email to arrange an autograph send-in. Include as much information as you can about the item you want signed, including photos, item description and details about who you want it signed by, pen colour, signature placement, etc. This will streamline the process and make it quicker for us to arrange your signing. If you are sending in please make sure your name is on the back of any product you send in and on packaging and also add a sticky note with colour, placement and any inscription. If you can put the return address inside too that would be a big help in getting the items back to you as fast as we can.