for the love of sci-fi  2018

For the Love of Sci-Fi Experience, changing the face of comic con conventions.For the fans, by the fans.


On Friday 30th November For the Love of Sci-Fi will once again bring you a first for a convention. Live concerts performed by some of the world's biggest sci-fi stars. Gaten Matarazzo star of Stranger Things performs live in concert with his band "Work In Progress" and Ray Parker Junior sings perhaps the most iconic sci-fi theme of all time "Ghostbusters" with support from the fantastic Blues Harvest. More bands TBC.



On stage you’ll get the chance to see our hugely popular and moving Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra. An ensemble of top talented musicians will play all your favourite Sci-Fi theme tunes,   


Pigeon Creek Studio are coming to For The Love Of Sci-Fi and they have a message for everyone coming...

"Pigeon Creek is a prop studio that is currently based in Edinburgh. When we look at the type of things that we want to make our mind immediately flicks to the amazing horror movies of the 80's where they were using custom built props instead of the CGI that is the mainstay today.

Movies such as The Evil Dead (1981), Hellraiser (1987), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and The Thing (1982) all have some awesome prop work. These are where we take our inspiration from, with our aim to build movie quality items that are crafted by hand and can be used everyday whilst remaining at affordable prices.


We’d advise you bring along a bit of extra cash as you are bound to find something special that you fancy in our traders outpost, some of which is set in a desert scene from space. With visiting traders from all over the world, you'll discover hard to find toys and collectibles, cosplay accessories, signed memorabilia, limited edition artwork, clothing, confectionery and plenty more - there really is something for everyone.