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Ian   macdougall

I love comics and comic art. Superheroes, robots, zombies, soldiers, detectives, scientists, ninja, absolutely anything in comic form makes me want to draw. #fanboy

Comic book style portrait posters are my current thing, but I've got a comic in me somewhere, I'm sure of it. There's certainly room for one. #fatjoke 

I don't just draw though. With over ten years experience in online digital content creation and management, including web design, email design, banner design, and years of Photoshop and various other digital programs under my belt, I'm a pretty capable webslinger. #Spideyreference

I like this - Gatchaman costumes. The Flaming Lips. Peanut M&Ms. Daredevil. Calvin & Hobbes. Abusing hash tags.

Meh to that - People who don't indicate. The shape of SunPat peanut butter jars. Search Engine Optimisation. When there is no beer.

Ian is a freelance Star Wars obsessed artist from North Yorkshire, working with markers, pencils and acrylic paints. He often sells his work at various conventions around the UK.

Ian will be attending and creating artwork LIVE at For The Love of Sci-Fi 2017 on both days of the event. 

You will be able to buy Ian's artwork signed by our celebrity guests after the event in December.