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The year is 1982 and thanks to movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and Alien, Sci-Fi movies are killing it at the box office.

Steven Spielberg had had huge success with Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977 but after feeling disenfranchised when shooting Raiders of the Lost Ark he wanted to go back to his idea of an autobiographical movie. As a child he had an imaginary alien friend who he describes as "a friend who could be the brother I never had and a father that I didn't feel I had anymore". This formed the basis for the story and character of E.T.

A well-loved classic, watched year after year over the Christmas period by families worldwide.

Our immersive Extra Terrestrial set will take you all the way back to the first time you first heard those iconic words "E.T. phone home".

When you step through the doorway, you'll enter into a dark, starlit forest and witness E.T. stood amongst the leafy floor, the tip of his finger and heart lit up, beating. Behind him his space craft looms over with landing lights and engine smoke effects. Nearby you'll see his modified Speak&Spell transmitter used to 'phone home' and the iconic BMX bicycle he rides and flies across the sky with Elliot.

Please note this is a fan built prop and set, it is not endorsed by or associated with Universal in any way.